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Many questions enter a bride and groom's mind when it comes to the important decision of choosing a wedding photographer

  • First and foremost, are they going to show up?
  • The logistics of my wedding seem complex, are they going to stay on schedule and help us all stay on track?
  • Is the photographer going to be polite, friendly, maybe even fun? How will they interact with my family and friends?
  • Are the photographs going to be any good? What if they are not any good?  Can this person that I'm trusting with my wedding day do well under stress and tough conditions?
  • Sometimes I don't feel very photogenic, am I going to look good in the pictures?

You can trust me with your special day. I have heard all the horror stories. I stand behind my promise that everything will go smoothly. Rest assured, I have a money back guarantee. I guarantee I will deliver everything promised and that your happiness with your pictures is assured. I wouldn't want to keep any of your money if you weren't happy with me and your pictures. Yes, it's a business but I fully understand that this is one of the biggest days of your life and I will do everything within my power to ensure you are satisfied with our services. 

I love candid and unscripted photos showing people having fun! We will do all the formal bridal party, family and “details” pictures, but to me nothing shows the raw human emotions of happiness and enjoyment like when the person isn't expecting it to be taken. The facial muscles are relaxed and it just looks so genuine and real.  Some of the most amazing photos at a wedding are the ones that no one posed for. I will take beautiful pictures of you and your loved ones, pictures that you will want to look at a hundred times over, and it will be because I will show you your true emotions in that moment, and the pictures will help you remember and feel that feeling forever.

For weddings and special events, I will meet with you well ahead of time and consult with you about the shoot and on the day of the event I will arrive well ahead of time.  I’m extremely well organized and very punctual. I also go on my own ahead of time to scout out the locations and ensure I find the best spots to be sure your memories are perfect.  It's so important to me that you love your pictures. I take your happiness very personal and very seriously. I'm very comical, gregarious, extremely outgoing and I'm always trying to make people smile whether I'm taking pictures or not. I love a good smile, it makes everyone that sees it feel good. Your guests will be totally comfortable with me and loving having their pictures taken! A relaxed and smiling guest is a happy guest and a happy guest makes for great pictures!

Did I mention that I have a money back guarantee? Please rest assured that your happiness is my primary concern.